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We believe in an integrated approach to business improvement in the key areas of organisational performance, people management and operational optimisation.

The outcome is a high-performing workplace culture, optimised processes and systems, labour peace and stability, as well as focused, effective employees. Sustainability is achieved by teaming up with clients to customise solutions, implement the desired changes and ensure knowledge transfer.

Key services

This multidisciplinary intervention addresses a fundamental weakness in supervisory development – the ability to transfer classroom knowledge to the workplace, resulting in operational improvements.
  • Define the required competencies and capabilities.
  • Assess supervisors against these competencies to determine the development needs, establish a baseline and track progress.
  • Develop skills through an 80-20 intervention – a unique blend of classroom training and assignments (20% focus), complemented by on-the-floor coaching and evaluations (80% focus). This approach bridges the learning transfer gap by ensuring that knowledge is properly applied in the workplace while clients benefit from ongoing operational optimisation solutions.
  • Manage talent, monitor progress and sustain improvement through the establishment of operational anchors, line manager coaching and more.

This intervention is led by a multidisciplinary team of specialists with years of experience in performance improvement, process and operational optimisation, and talent management.

Services include:

  • Business process analysis and re-engineering: An in-depth analysis and redesign of workflows and processes.
  • Systems management: IT project management and specialised resources for improved business effectiveness.
  • Workforce management: Optimal resource scheduling to meet production demand and productivity standards.
  • Continuous improvement: Methods, standards and skills for ongoing operational optimisation.
  • Maintenance optimisation: Improved machine availability (capacity and performance).

Our operations management team has experience in both business processes and systems management, proving clients with a comprehensive service and in-depth knowledge in these fields.

Services include:

  • Stakeholder engagement surveys: At OIM we believe you manage what you measure. By asking the right stakeholders the right questions, our surveys create new insights that guide you to make informed decisions and shape your strategies and tactics. OIM offers a range of customised surveys that measure key business perception indicators.
  • Scorecard development: Using a structured approach, OIM’s scorecard development process aligns functional and team performance to the business strategy and standard operational areas.
  • Performance management: Design a customised performance management system, which is aligned to business strategy. This is supported by policies, processes, practices and a toolkit to facilitate implementation and sustainability while leaders are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to action the system.

Match the right leadership talent with specific organisational needs and develop appropriate competency sets to optimise business performance.
  • Talent management: A customised talent management strategy, model, processes and implementation tools.
  • Competency profiling: Define the key leadership competencies required for organisational success. Use the framework to assess, develop and manage your organisation’s talent.
  • Leadership assessments: A battery of tests, using internationally benchmarked tools.
  • Leadership development interventions: Customised solutions at an organisational and individual level for optimised performance.
  • Coaching: One-on-one sessions to assist leaders with career transition, performance improvement and leadership development.
  • Team dynamics: Assessments and facilitated sessions to improve team performance.

Actively manage your labour-employer relations for sustainable business success.

In essence we assist organisations to:

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive employee relations strategy in line with overall business goals.
  • Promote labour peace and stability.
  • Foster a climate conducive to optimal performance.
  • Proactively manage and resolve conflict.
  • Position employee relations (ER) as a strategic instrument, not a tactical tool.
  • Move from a legalistic industrial relations (IR) approach to a more inclusive, people-orientated ER approach.
  • Equip stakeholders with skills in ER and IR effectiveness, engagement forums and team engagement.

OIM’s acclaimed and trademarked methodology is the vehicle used to engage everyone in the organisation, mobilise them around goals and build a climate conducive to strategy execution.

OIM’s acclaimed and trademarked methodology is the vehicle used to engage everyone in the organisation, mobilise them around goals and build a climate conducive to strategy execution.

The methodology can be likened to a coach setting up his/her players for success. It entails reviewing the team’s previous performance, setting goals for the next game, analysing the opposition and obstacles, and agreeing the game plan with clearly allocated individual responsibilities. This all happens against the backdrop of continuous improvement and everyone understanding their role, the strategy and the opposition they will encounter.

Similarly, our engagement methodology is used to review team performance, set goals, identify obstacles, agree actions and evaluate conduct to ensure high performance and appropriate behaviour in day-to-day operations.

OIM has almost 35 years’ experience in customising the methodology for organisational needs, implementing it and building sustainability through training, coaching and assessments. We work on the principle that mindset change precedes operational change. If implemented correctly, the methodology becomes part of business culture and the “way people do things”.

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