Within only three weeks, review your teams readiness to tackle the new normal. Let us help you.

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Prepare your supervisors to take on a changed work environment in only 3-weeks.

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Timeframe: 3 weeks @ a cost of R20 000 per supervisor (*Minimum 20 supervisors)

Mobilising your supervisors is the quickest way to accelerate production. Supervisor Operational Readiness Diagnostic can ‬help prepare your revised operational targets within next 2 quarters.

After the hard lockdown, it’s a race to ramp up production and safely meet revised targets within new Covid-19 regulations. OIM believes mobilising supervisors is the quickest way to obtain business results in the next two quarters.


A capacitated supervisor with the appropriate tools and operational coaching can successfully navigate the complexities of the changed work environment and its regulatory requirements. Our Supervisor Operational Readiness Diagnostic (SORD) will identify the current competency level of your supervisors and what needs to be done to deliver results.


What SORD Delivers

This rapid diagnostic product determines the operational capabilities of your supervisors by identifying their competencies and how effectively they execute operational tasks, while also reviewing the tools they use to achieve current operational goals.
The outcomes are:

  • Individual competency assessments and a summary per department/functional area (an honest assessment of your supervisors’ capabilities to achieve the targets set)
  • Identification of the competency gaps and the required actions needed to meet your business objectives
  • An indication of the financial benefits if your supervisors improve their competencies
  • Evaluation of the supervisors’ daily role execution against the OIM rating scale
  • An operational target achievement review – OIM reviews operational performance indicators to investigate past performance, for insights into future performance
  • Results of two engagement surveys to obtain a comprehensive view of the confidence level of supervisors

Key diagnostic elements of SORD

  • Conduct online assessments against a set of management and leadership competencies (identify gaps; establish a baseline)

  • Conduct two engagement surveys (from a direct manager and subordinate perspective)

  • Review Day Planners (structured outlines of daily activities)
  • Review operational anchors
  • Assess role execution against Day Planners and use of anchors
  • Benchmark role execution assessments against OIM database

  • Identify key operational indicators and obtain average performance, best achieved and target values
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